Over the years....

I've heard many people, friends, family, acquaintances, of various ages say things along the lines of "I feel like I'm the same person I was when I was 25." In that spirit I've included things here that popped into my head and made it to paper or to some other material going back a good ways. Some are things that definitely still feel like me. Other things not so much for a variety of reasons (e.g. I have daughters so I've pretty well stopped making penis drawings). I've always enjoyed showing my work to people but generally it's been in a more personal setting although I have participated in a few shows. Not a big networker. Not an enthusiastic self promoter. And I positively can't stand reading the overwhelming majority of "artist's statements". I just can't. In any event, this time around, I guess you could say I'm letting it all hang out (that's not entirely true). To make that work for me I have to pretend that I'm having something like a conversation with someone. Tried not to get carried away. If that sort of thing makes you crazy you can just look at the pictures. And if I gave you the wrong impression, it's not all old, there's current work too.

Again, thanks for visiting.
Bert Baker



About the site.

Not a huge fan of complicated websites so I tried to make this one simple and easy to navigate. Because it's an image oriented site the images are the clickable links to get you to the next page with the exception of the navigation bar on top and a couple of words in the text. Also not at all versed in building websites so it was made using simple html tags. And I didn't optimize for mobile. It turns out a lot of websites are two different sites, one for regular and one for mobile. I didn't know that and I didn't do that. If you're using a mobile device and have issues please let me know (where I'm aware of an issue regarding mobile it's pointed out). Whether you're on a desktop, laptop, netbook, smartphone, tablet, in a driverless car, on a cruise ship being overrun by pirates, anywhere, if something isn't working right for you please let me know.

On a side note, the set of drawings called 42 is a website in itself, now under the instantdeerhead umbrella. That was made a few years ago by DC Helms. They do know what they're doing and were able to make all the things look and work just the way I wanted them to look and work. But it should be noted it's a "flash" site so it doesn't work on mobile platforms.


Regarding Deerheads.

There's a lot to say regarding deerheads, taxidermy in general (I learned, pre-internet, by watching a VHS how-to video), taxidermy in art (currently very trendy), hunting and killing and "man vs. nature" (arguably more important than ever) and more. I've started writing something probably a half dozen times and sooner or later would end up on a tangent to an aside a mile away. (What can I say, when your website has "deerhead" in the title it seems important to mention that antlers are the closest thing mammals have to organ regeneration. It's not off topic at all, just takes some time to get there.) So I've started and stopped and started and stopped, and wrote quite a bit but it's an incoherent mess. One of these days I'll cobble it all together and include it here.









One last thing. You may have noticed that Bert Baker is not my real name. I didn't pick it because it sounds cool (kind of does a little, in a 70's mustache sort of way) or because I'm fond of alliteration. I think it's a fine name and if it were my real name I'd be proud of it. There's even a few folks out in the world whose real name is Bert Baker, and even a BertBaker.com. But it's in no way my real name. I don't sign documents with it. I can't cash checks made out to Bert Baker. My kids friends don't call me Mr. Baker. Still, it wasn't an arbitrary choice. It's a riff, on ego and the anonymity of the internet. And I like a good pun (even more than alliteration). If you didn't realize "Real Name" down in the orange bar at the bottom of most of the pages is clickable, and you're the least bit curious, go ahead and click on it.