Unfinished Business

Neither lost nor found.
These are things on the backburner for the time being.



Some things really have been lost over the years.


Lost sometime around 1994 would be my guess. How does one lose a moosehead covered in gold glitter? I don't know, maybe misplaced is a better word. Either way, if you've seen him I sure would like to know about it.


I think I gave a bunch of these away a long time ago so they're not exactly lost but I don't remember who I gave them to. Lost touch I guess.


A few more lost fans plus one from above. And there were others. I must have lost the pictures of those. And I know I didn't give them all away. I don't know what happened to that thing with the dollheads and the thick red and white felt either, though I remember spray painting the felt. And lord knows what happened to the Polaroid I used to take this picture though I'm not really sweatin that. Not sweatin the fans either but the moosehead.........


Another very old Polaroid amongst the few that I found. "Who cares if Polaroid film costs a fortune. I'm going to drag my unfinished six foot tall hairy phallus into the yard and take a Polaroid of it in the dark." What was I thinking? No idea. What I do remember is having two large black trashbags full of blond wigs bought via a "Wanted to Buy: Blonde Wigs...." ad in my local paper. And a guy had two bags full! Two. Bags. Full. He lived on a back road with nothing but woods around and the whole thing was a little weird and creepy but you have to expect that sort of thing. I was pretty much asking for it with the ad. Anyway the plan was to make a six foot hairy phallus (I don't know why it needed to be hairy, maybe because I had two bags of wigs), wrap it in saran wrap and mount a bird feeder on top so the birds would come and crap on it to simulate........you know. It was going to be titled something along the lines of "A broken condom is a really shitty thing". But I lost it. Or at the very least lost interest.



Some things have been found.


Probably my favorite image find on the internet. From a hunting site so there are pictures of people posing with dead animals (in Pakistan). If that's not your thing don't click here. But you will miss out on Kaiser Khan's winning smile.





Got this in change in the WaWa up the street. Imagine my delight. It's fun thinking that some kid (my guess but you never know) somewhere had one thing he really wanted to say that day. And that one thing was "Boner".