Endless Possiblities

These are just some ideas. If you have an idea or a symbol in mind I very likely have it on file. If not, as long as it's in the public domain, I'll get it.

Please note that there are limitations. As you can see these samples are all very simple and graphic. Numerous fine lines won't work. And of course the tables are two-tone - one color and clear. Multiple colors is not an option (maybe one day).


Any of them can be inverted as well.


With rectangles you can mix and match. Again, unlimited.

Drinking yes. Smoking no.

Or coffee and a cigarette.

Women and Men.   Magnet.   Caution.

Power up. Power down.

Food. Food. Food.

Anything you want to say.

Any pattern you might dream up.

Any variation of that pattern. Anything.